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My family has over thirty years of experience in  real estate  and its related fields.  Wanting to follow in my fathers footsteps, I found I was more interested in the numbers than I was in the land. Seven years of property management and an additional four years in mortgage lending and equity management led me to where I am now.  


With all of the turns in the market over the last few years,  my desire to help others manage their largest asset (being their home) has grown. This has led me to familiarize myself with strategies to safeguard personal assets and maximize personal cash flow.


By using age-old, proven strategies employed by the most affluent of Americans for more than a century to manage large estates, I can help anyone wishing to enhance their financial future. We use the most advanced accounting software, specifically designed to analyze all elements of your financial situation.  Ideally, I work along side your accountant, tax preparer, financial planner or trusted advisor to alleviate any concerns you may have and to validate the accuracy of your personal financial reports.  Keep in mind: nothing I will prepare or consult with you on is new - it’s just generally too laborious for most financial professionals to take on.


Ask yourself these two questions:


1. If what you thought to be true about money was not, when would you want to know? And


2. If I could find the extra money, would you save it?

















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