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If What You Thought To Be True About Money ...

Turned Out Not To Be True, When Would You Want To Know?

We all must play the financial game if we expect to retire securely and maintain the standard of living we have  all become accustomed to.

Let’s assume you had to play in the Masters Golf Tournament, however you have never played a round of golf. You have two choices on how to play. You could have the clubs of any player who has ever played or you could have their ability (which we will call the “swing”). Which option would most likely assure you of a win? Of course, it would be the swing.

The financial industry offers the many tools (clubs) needed to play the game. However, having the right club does not necessarily mean you will win. Most Americans spend more time planning their vacation than their retirement. However, we often assume that people have a clear understanding of the process they need to follow to win the financial game.

With this assumption, the industry trains its advisors on the products you know you must have to play the game - such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, mortgages, and insurance (the clubs).

It is very important to use competitive products (good clubs) and understand how they work. However, if you do not know how to “swing” then you may never win financially…no matter what products (clubs) you use.

At Waggoner Financial we focus on the swing first before we ever go to the club house to get you fitted for the clubs. In other words, we focus on the many factors that could be eroding someone’s wealth (such as inflation, taxes, liabilities, and mortgages) by not having financial products properly aligned. We also focus strongly on maintaining "LUC" (liquidity, use and control) of one's money and ensuring that what you want to have happen…will happen.